About us

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW was established in 1955 to provide a shared voice for community environmental organisations from across New South Wales.

We are the leading advocates for nature in New South Wales

Representing more than 120 community organisations with a combined membership of over 60,000 individuals, we are a force for positive change.  Together, we provide a powerful voice for nature, and are committed to protecting and restoring the unique natural environment of our state.

About our work

New South Wales is home to an extraordinary diversity of native species and living landscapes. From the arid red lands of the interior to the deep blue of our oceans, this intricate web of life is fraying under pressure from climate change, industrial development, unsustainable land use and over-exploitation of natural resources.

We have a unique responsibility to take action in defence of nature, to ensure that our extraordinary wild places are sustained and restored for the benefit of future generations.  For more than 50 years, we have campaigned successfully to protect our forests and oceans, control land clearing, restore rivers and wetlands to health and promote clean renewable energy. Our staff, volunteers, members and supporters work together to:

  • speak out in defence of the natural world
  • mobilise communities to protect the environment
  • deliver real-world solutions to environmental challenges

Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are determined by our elected executive committee, in consultation with members, staff and volunteers. Our current campaign and program priorities are:

Coal and gas | We are playing a leading role in state wide efforts to secure protection of natural areas, water resources and local communities from destructive mining and coal seam gas development.

Forests and woodlands |We work with our members to protect forests and woodlands by exposing illegal logging, opposing damaging changes to land clearing laws and promoting a transition to a sustainable plantation-based timber industry.

Marine conservation | We promote a sustainable future for our oceans, by supporting marine sanctuaries, campaigning for improved protection of marine species and opposing moves to weaken protection for our unique marine life.

Planning and development | We campaign for a fair and sustainable planning system by providing expert policy analysis, informing and engaging the community and opposing plans to fast-track development and reduce community rights.

Climate and energy | We have mobilised tens of thousands of people to demand action on climate change, support clean renewable energy and oppose rapidly expanding coal exports.

Sustainable Living | Our community education programs have helped thousands of households save power, reduce waste, switch to clean energy and get involved in community action for a sustainable future.

Healthy Ecosystems |We work with farmers, traditional owners and public land managers to deliver real-world solutions to natural resource management challenges, including fire management, invasive species and habitat restoration.



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