Pepe Clarke

Chief Executive Officer 


Campaigns and Policy


Kate Smolski

Campaigns Director 

Cerin Loane

Policy and Research Coordinator / Environment Liaison Officer 


James Tremain

Media and Communications Officer 

Daisy Barham

Marine Campaigner 


Louise Kiddell

Outreach Coordinator (Mon, Wed, Fri) 

Neha Madhok

Community Organiser (Tue-Fri) 


Pablo Brait

Community Organiser 

Karl Beckert

Forests and Woodlands Campaigner (Mon-Thur) 


Louise Kiddell (1)

Sustainability Officer (Tues, Wed, Fri) 


Healthy Ecosystems


Waminda Parker

Healthy Ecosystems Program Manager 

Kate McShea

Hotspots Coordinator (Mon, Thur & Fri) 


Kevin Taylor

Hotspots Ecologist 

Mark Graham

Hotspots Ecologist 


Adrian Davis

Bushfire Program Coordinator 

Greg Banks

Bushfire Program Policy Officer (part time) 


Joshua Keating

Upper Coldstream Coordinator 

Oliver Costello

Firesticks Coordinator 


David Milledge

Firesticks Ecologist (part time) 

Richard Brittingham

Firesticks Operations Coordinator 


Karen Potter

Firesticks Project Officer (part time) 

Xuela Sledge

Indigenous Carbon Farming Project Officer (part time) 


Sustainable Living


Rachel Mimmo

Sustainable Living Program Manager (Mon, Thu & Fri) 

Ben Perkins

Power Savers Coordinator 


Kate Hopkins

Power Savers Officer 

Victor Quek

Power Savers Assistant (Mon-Thurs) 




Jamie Payne

Office Manager (Mon-Thu) 

Kim Blattner

Administration Officer 


Steve Clarke

Philanthropy Manager (Tue-Thur) 

Bill Jarvis

Database Officer (Wed & Fri) 


Renee Mersino

Donor Care Officer (Tues-Wed) 


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