• Marine sanctuaries face the axe

    Save our marine sanctuaries

    The Baird government is poised to permanently open our precious marine sanctuaries to fishing. Will you speak up for our amazing marine life?

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  • Barrington Tops National Park, (c) Henry Gold

    Our forests and woodlands are under threat

    The NSW Government is threatening to weaken vital controls on logging operations that will put our threatened species at even greater risk. Help us protect these vital laws.

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  • Upper Hunter coal mine, July 2013

    Coal and gas projects are trashing NSW

    The coal and gas industry is threatening our most precious assets: clean water, special wild places and health. Call on the Baird government to put communities and the environment ahead of industry profits.

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  • Pygmy possum, (c) Phil Spark

    Threatened species laws under the spotlight

    The NSW Government is reviewing three laws critical for the protection of our native wildlife and landscapes. These protections should be strengthened not weakened.

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Our campaigns


Coal and gas

Exploration licences and mining leases have been granted over millions of hectares of our state. Help us stop coal and gas industries destroying wildlife habitat and driving climate change.

Forests and woodlands

The forests and woodlands of NSW are home to an astonishing diversity of species, and provide vital ecosystem services, including fresh water, soil protection and carbon storage.

Marine conservation

The oceans, beaches and estuaries of NSW are home to rich marine life, including majestic sea turtles, powerful whales, colourful reef fish, kelp forests and abundant rocky reefs.


Planning  and development

Land-use planning and development is intrinsically linked with environmental protection, nature conservation and natural resource management.

Climate and energy

We have mobilised thousands of people to take action on climate change, helped secure a price on carbon pollution and funding for renewable energy.

Parliamentary liaison

The Environment Liaison Office (ELO) provides a link to NSW Parliament for hundreds of community groups across New South Wales.


Policy issues

Federal environmental laws

Our national environment law protects the places and wildlife we love. For decades, federal environmental laws have played a vital role in protecting nationally important environmental values from destructive development proposals supported by state governments.


Rivers and wetlands

Our rivers and wetlands are under critical stress due to a long history of catchment degradation and unsustainable water extraction. Over the past century, the Murray Darling Basin has experienced a dramatic decline in wetlands, waterbirds and native fish populations, due to a massive increase in the volume of water extracted for irrigation.


Pollution and waste

The generation and careless disposal of waste can cause air and water pollution, land contamination and the loss of land that is used for landfill sites. While huge gains have been made through recycling programs, in 2008–09, Australians generated 46.8 million tonnes of rubbish, of which only 52 per cent was recycled.



The NSW Government has ended a 26–year ban on uranium exploration in NSW and is poised to allow mining for the first time. Uranium mining is linked to the production of some of the world’s most toxic and long-lasting industrial wastes and the proliferation of the world’s most destructive weapons.


Sustainable population

The combined effects of population, affluence and technology have a profound impact on our environment. Survival of the human species on a long-term, ecologically sustainable basis is impossible unless concepts of unlimited human population growth and consumption are discarded.


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