Marine conservation

The oceans, beaches and estuaries of New South Wales are home to rich marine life, including majestic sea turtles, powerful whales, colourful reef fish, kelp forests and abundant rocky reefs.

Where north meets south

Our unique mix of warm tropical waters from the north and colder southern currents means our waters are home to an enormous range of marine plants and animals. Yet our incredible marine life is under threat. Fishing, pollution, climate change, introduced marine pests, inappropriate coastal development and lack of adequate protection are putting our marine life at risk. We are working to maintain and improve the health of our marine environment.

Marine sanctuaries under threat

Marine parks are part of the solution for our marine life and the coastal communities that rely on healthy seas. Marine sanctuaries are our ‘national parks of the sea’, they are special areas within marine parks that offer protection from extractive activities like fishing and mining. Here in NSW, less than 7 per cent of our coastal waters are protected in marine sanctuaries. In March 2013, the NSW Government officially condoned illegal line fishing from the shore in these precious marine sanctuaries by announcing an amnesty on prosecuting breaches, undermining protection for our marine life.

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