The Community Organising Fellowship is an exciting new initiative that will give NGO staff and community leaders the skills needed to be successful in building community power and capacity in order to influence decision-makers. From the civil rights movement in the US to worker rights in Australia, effective organising has been at the heart of countless winning campaigns. To achieve this effectively, training is essential.                                             

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The Fellowship is a significant investment in deepening community organising skills and practices. This Fellowship is intended for campaigners with political experience who have the capacity to develop and implement campaign strategies. It aims to create a cohort of expert organisers. The Change Agency, the Sunrise Project, the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales and the Sierra Club have come together to develop a program that includes:

  • Equipping 25 organisers with core skills needed to confidently plan and implement local campaigns on various scales
  • Four experiential and participatory residential workshops
  • Mentoring and network support between workshops.
  • An extensive collection of training materials shared online and the knowledge to bring trainings to your community.

These components will allow participants to develop and support community leaders who will engage thousands of people in local campaigns.

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