Through the Firesticks project, we are working with Indigenous communities and government agencies to integrate contemporary and Aboriginal fire practices to protect and enhance wildlife habitat and Indigenous cultural values.

Protecting Indigenous cultural values and wildlife habitat

Indigenous Australians have managed their country for tens of thousands of years, and despite the disruptions caused by colonisation, many communities have maintained a close association with their land and a profound interest in how it is managed.

Until recently, however, many Aboriginal people have been denied access to their ancestral lands and the opportunities to manage Country in a way that preserves and enhances its cultural and ecological values. That situation is changing with the creation of Indigenous Protected Areas around Australia, including in northeastern New South Wales, where Indigenous people are directly involved in the management of conservation lands.

Traditional knowledge and wisdom

It is now also widely accepted that Aboriginal peoples’ traditional knowledge of the uses of fire offers useful insights for other landholders and land managers. Through the Firesticks Project, we are coordinating a unique collaboration that involves personnel from four Indigenous Protected Areas, three Aboriginal Land Councils, and state and federal government agencies. Together, we are assessing, protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural values of country and biodiversity, and integrating fire, weed and pest management to enhance landscape health and better express cultural values. Learn more.

The Firesticks project partners

Indigenous Protected Areas Aboriginal Land Councils
  • Willows-Boorabee IPA
  • Wattleridge IPA
  • Minyumai IPA
  • Ngunya Jargoon IPA
  • Gugin Gudduba ALC
  • Ngulingah ALC
  • Casino Boolangle ALC

Other partners

  • Nature Conservation Council of NSW
  • Office of Environment and Heritage
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • NSW Rural Fire Service

* Firesticks is financed by the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.



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