Restoring wildlife habitat

We are working to bring native species back from the brink of extinction by helping landholders and public land managers control feral animals and restore wildlife habitat.

Saving the North Coast emu

We are coordinating the Upper Coldstream Project, a partnership of 44 private landholders and public land managers in the Border Ranges working to bring the North Coast emu back from the brink of extinction. In 2012, there were only about 130 emus left in the North Coast population, a perilously low number. We are working with others to control invasive weeds and animals and to use fire to create a patchwork of vegetation to provide the food and nesting sites the emu needs. Learn more.

Bringing the Bristlebird back from the brink

Through our Hotspots Program, we are working with other organisations using fire and weed management to restore habitat for the endangered northern population of the Eastern Bristlebird. The extent, intensity and frequency of fire are critical factors for creating the conditions vital for the Bristlebird's survival. Learn more.

Restoring western Sydney’s woodland

We are using fire to restore more than 30 hectares of endangered woodland in western Sydney. In the 1800s, Cumberland Plain Woodland covered about 30 per cent of the Sydney basin. Today, only 13 per cent of this vegetation community remains, much of it fragmented and degraded by agriculture and urban development. Learn more.


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