Working with landholders

We are working closely with landholders to restore wildlife habitat wherever we can, from the fringes of our cities and towns, to the farmlands and forests of rural New South Wales.

With less than 10 per cent of the state protected in national parks and reserves, engaging private landholders in wildlife protection is critical. We educate landholders about the natural values of their land, and train them in the use of fire and other tools to help native species to flourish.


We run the Hotspots Fire Project education and training program with the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) to increase understanding of the role of fire in the bush and the best way to manage it. We believe well-informed and well-prepared communities complement the roles of land managers and fire agencies, and that a shared approach to fire management is critical for effective planning. Since 2005, the Hotspots team has run more than 110 workshops for over 1,400 landholders, resulting in 670 property fire management plans covering about 140,000 hectares. Learn more.


Indigenous Australians have managed Country for tens of thousands of years, maintaining a close association with the land and a profound interest in how it is managed. Through the Firesticks project, we are working with Indigenous communities and government agencies to integrate contemporary and Aboriginal fire practices to protect and enhance wildlife habitat and Indigenous cultural values. Learn more.


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