• Power Savers (1)

    Power Savers

    More than 200 families have signed onto Power Savers, a program that helps low-income households save money and reduce energy consumption.

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  • Reduce food waste and save

    Reduce food waste and save

    Hundreds of households have taken our Food Waste Challenge, successfully reducing their household waste using simple waste avoidance strategies that don’t cost the earth.

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Sustainable Living

Our sustainable living programs have helped thousands of households save power, reduce waste and make the switch to clean renewable energy. We can help you reduce your impact on the environment, and save money, with simple steps that don’t cost the earth. Together, we can make a difference.


Tips for saving power

Being smarter about how you use energy is the fastest, easiest way to reduce your power bills and your carbon emissions.

Grow your own food

Making sustainable food choices and growing your own herbs and vegetables reduces your environmental impact.

Green your home

It’s easy to reduce your environmental impact at home using the resources produced by our Sustainable Living team.


Clean energy solutions

Right across the country, households, businesses and local communities are experiencing the benefits of making the switch to renewable energy.

Power Savers

Our Power Savers program is working with hundreds of low-income households in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong to reduce energy costs.

Food Waste Challenge

The average household in New South Wales wastes about $1,000 worth of food every year. That translates to $2.5 billion across the whole state.



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