Food Waste Challenge

In New South Wales, the average household wastes more than $1,000 worth of food every year. This adds up to an enormous $2.5 billion worth of food waste every year.

Reducing food waste at home

So what’s the good news? Reducing food waste is an easy, rewarding way to save money and the environment.

Hundreds of households have taken our Food Waste Challenge, successfully reducing their household waste using simple waste avoidance strategies that don’t cost the earth.

In New South Wales, food waste makes up 38 per cent of waste in household kerbside bins. Researchers have found that people waste food for the following reasons:

  • people buy too much food
  • people cook too much food
  • people store food incorrectly

Our Food Waste Challenge workshops are a great opportunity to learn new skills and practical tips to waste less food.

Each workshop series covers the following topics: environmental and economic impacts of food waste, shopping and menu planning, cooking with correct portion sizes, cooking leftovers, storing food correctly and preserving seasonal and surplus food.

Want to reduce food waste in your home? Download a copy of our Food Waste Challenge Booklet today.


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Booklet | Reducing food waste in your home

Take the Food Waste Challenge at home, using our simple tips to waste less food.


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