Tips for saving power

Being smarter about how you use energy is the fastest, easiest way to reduce your power bills and your carbon emissions.

Reducing your carbon footprint

In Australia, most of our electricity comes from coal-fired power stations. Mining and burning coal pollutes the air and water, harms the natural environment and produces millions of tonnes of carbon pollution. We have helped thousands of households to reduce their environmental impact and save money, using simple energy-saving tips that don’t cost the earth. To learn more about ways that you can use energy smarter around the home, download our easy-to-use Energy-Saving Action Plan

Helping low-income households save power and money

Right now, we’re working with hundreds of low income workers in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong, helping them to ease cost-of-living pressures by saving power in the home.

The Power Savers program provides home-energy assessments, expert advice and practical energy-efficiency solutions for eligible households.

To find out more about the Power Savers program, and whether you may be eligible to participate, click here.

Inspiring community action on climate change

Since 2006, our Community Climate Challenge has inspired thousands of people to reduce their carbon emissions in the home and in their local area through learning, behavioural change and community action.  

The Community Climate Challenge has been delivered in local communities across the state, including the Clarence Valley, Central Coast, Mosman, North Sydney, Warringah, Parramatta and Hunter Valley.

Participants learned new ways to use energy smarter, reduced their environmental impact and kick-started new sustainability initiatives in their local community.

Interested in organising a Community Climate Challenge in your local area? Contact us today for more information. 


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